ElPsyCongroo is a initiave to translate genderbender and otokonoko themed manga that don’t quite fit in the mainstream interest of the casual reader, or that has been dropped by other groups. However, titles that doesn’t have GB as their main theme or completely lack of it may be included in future projects as well.

If you want a manga translated you may suggest them through this form, or at the discord server.

If you have anything you want to tell us you can do so by joining to our Discord server which you can find on the side bar.

Support Us

Support us by donating. Your donations are used to alleviate the cost of hosting, as well as buying manga raws, and as a way to thank us for our work. (Although you can just pop in the discord server and say hi~)

You don’t have to feel obliged to donate, even if we don’t receive any donations at all, that’s fine, we’re doing this for fun. (Although it’d help a lot).

You can also help us by joining the scanlation train. If you want to join contact us on the discord server or send a message to: kurisu@elpsycongroo.tk

Amount received so far: US$44

Many thanks to:

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For their generous donations.

  • $8 Raws for Umareru Seibetsu wo Machigaeta Vol 1
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