4 thoughts to “[ENG] Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome”

  1. In English:

    Do you want some help with correcting your sentance prose for this as i’m interested in how this series progresses?

    Such as in “Didn’t cross your mind?”, your sentance “No way! I’m not fond of that kind of things” would have been better as “No way! I’m not interested in those kind of things”,
    and “I don’t have such as little delicasy to interfere with my friends date” should not have had the first “as” in the sentance and been “I don’t have such little delicasy as to interfere with my friends date”.

    There have ben a few others to date, but as it’s obvious that english is not your first language, and it’s a hard one to learn for those that have other sentance formats, I think you are going well in the main!

    Otherwise keep up the good work.

    1. Hi, I’d love to have some help, but even so I’m not really the kind of person who likes to work in group. I’m working on my own so I can release whenever I like and not be subject to a schedule. That said, I’d like to see your work, to see if I like it or not, you can start reviewing the already released chapters. Contact me through discord so we can talk more. kurisu#1972

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